woensdag 23 april 2014



This is a AO for real men - very macho.

all standing, walking and running animations are fully motioncaptured in a professional studio enviroment.

the ao contains 62 animations / 18 standing animations. 
each standing animation has a length of 30 seconds. 
with these you will be standing fully animated for incredible 9 minutes until you see one standing motion for the second time.

the hud comes in 3 fitted variations for small, average and tall avatars. 
so if you see yourself sunken in the ground while sitting on the ground, try a bigger size fitted hud.

the ao comes wrapped up in a AKEYO PowerAO HUD which might be the most advanced AO HUD in SL, because:
  • - It does NOT need you to maintain complicated configuration notecards. 
  • - It can recognize animation types fully automaticaly by their names. 
  • - Animation-Vendors from AKEYO can send animations right INTO your HUD. 
  • - You can use the PowerAO as dance Hud and also invite people to dance with you. 
  • - Multiple animations can be used for any animationtype and be selected by random. 
  • - The PowerAO does easily load +300 animations 
  • - Its not just a ZHAO System with added features- its custom made from scratch. 
  • - and it is allways under development and i still work hard on making it even better.


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