zaterdag 17 december 2011

GankedLife-mesh-by simms

GankedLife-mesh-by simms
. hud detection
. texture unlocking
. import export slpe style
.av anims
.av textures
.save as/save inv cache in inventory
.sound explorer
.media filter
.asset blacklist
.keytool (copy asset id press ctrl shift k to copy to inv)
.object interceptors
.message log/builder
.rainbow tags(with Timer)/tag spoofer
.mac/ido/channel spoofer
.local asset importer
.extented properties
.0L$ pay (Dont use on sl grid to be safe)
.vfs explorer
.animation overrider(UUID Enabled)
.minimap radar (with Ganked Tab)
.ground textures
.shift right click open all textures
.save shit
.import/export mod scripts direct from floater
.fcteams particle copy
.Make youself tiny
.Use Custom Tag (edit/preferences/vanity/tags colors) will move to GTB later
.GTB=Griffers Toolbox
.Evil Sim filling rezzer hahahaha(right click in INV on object choose open with - rez multi)
.upload of wearables(.skin.shape etc)
.upload of gestures
.upload of everything else through bulk including bvh
.bvh to animatn converter(gank menu
.export .animation, bvh reupload to anim floater
.jellyroll and open to anim explorer
.invisable(note only way to stop being invisable is to either walk into neighbouring sim and back or relog i have made the toggle tp you to the sim corner)
.rainbow beams Toggle
.Graphics Settings on Quick Access Bar
.Object texture floater (FCTEAMS FLOATER)
.shift left click open texture on prims or shift right click open sculpt
.custom viewer tag and color on the GTB
.VoiceHax Floater
.Physical Kill
. Import export notecards from notecard(Note also added in the old notecard Hack Not sure if it works on other grids one for the testers)
To turn off the hax capabilities check the box "Switch Back To Normal Notecard Type"


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